TIPTAPE Yellow PVC Floor Masking Tape


The tape is made of PVC, is a rubber adhesive (Rubber Adhesive). Tape to mark the factory line


The tape is made of PVC and is a rubber adhesive (Rubber Adhesive). Suitable for: Using the floor line to divide the work area (LAY OUT) for orderliness. and has ISO standards in working or used to mark the walkway in the factory There are single color and 2 color designs used to warn of dangerous areas such as warning of tripping Be careful of slippery Warning areas of high heat or with harsh chemicals, etc. Tape to mark the factory line, pipe line, hit the ground in cement, terrazzo, stage, rubber, peeling off, leaving no stains, bright colors.

  • Sticky PVC plastic tape
  • Pour the coating with resin glue , Rubber Adhesive (Rubber Adhesive)
  • The tape can draw sharp and curved lines.
  • The tape is versatile.
    Easy to use, easy to install, save time The color of the tape is durable and does not fade.
  • Peel off without leaving any glue stains.


  • It is used to mark the walking path. or different areas
  • Used to track areas such as factories
  • Used to mount on walls, transport points
    Used to draw floor lines to divide work boundaries (LAY OUT) for orderliness and support ISO standards in work.
  • Used to warn of dangerous areas, caution against slipping Warning for areas with high heat or strong chemicals.


  • to divide production lines or divide into avenues
  • To indicate the area of danger zone, fire equipment installation point, no entry zone or no placement area blocking entrance and exit.
  • for easy observation and prevent collision
  • to warn or notify
Adhesive Type Rubber
Size/Length48mm x 33M
Examples of usemarking the floor
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