How strong is alcohol to kill the COVID-19 virus?

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How strong is alcohol to kill the COVID-19 virus?

In an era where the coronavirus or COVID-19 is spreading, everyone is looking for equipment to help protect themselves from germs. One of them is disinfectant alcohol. But alcohol comes in many forms. have different concentrations This article will help you make sure you choose the right alcohol. and disinfecting COVID-19 To die really smooth


Types of alcohol for disinfecting

  There are two types of alcohol for disinfection: ethyl alcohol. and isopropyl alcohol Both are clear, colorless liquid, volatile at room temperature. It has the ability to destroy bacteria, tuberculosis, fungi and viruses. But can not destroy the spores of bacteria. And the disinfection efficiency will be significantly reduced when the alcohol concentration is lower than 50%. Alcohol will kill various germs. by spreading through the germ cell membrane spoil the protein and ruptures the cell membrane of the germ


Alcohol concentration for killing virus

                        For viruses, the ideal alcohol concentration is between 60%-80% by volume, ethyl alcohol is able to destroy lipid-layered viruses such as influenza, herpes viruses, and COVID-19. It can also destroy viruses that do not have a fat layer, such as hepatitis B virus. But it will not destroy the hepatitis A virus. and the polio virus As for isopropyl alcohol, it can only destroy viruses that have a lipid layer.

Very strong alcohol not always good

            from the above information It may make many people understand that the higher the concentration of alcohol The disinfection efficiency will only improve. For example, 95% alcohol is better than 70% alcohol, which is an understanding that may not be applicable in all cases. Because in 95% alcohol there is a very high alcohol content. Therefore, it evaporates very quickly as well. The efficiency of absorption through the cell membrane of the pathogen is insufficient. All you can do is make proteins clot. and make the alcohol unable to penetrate to destroy cells So the germs will not die. When the environment is back in a suitable point for growth. Germ cells will grow again. Also, the high concentration of alcohol results in dry skin. and can cause irritation

For alcohol gel or spray that is used. The alcohol concentration is 70%-90% by volume.

In addition to alcohol eating hot cooked food using a middle spoon wearing a mask and washing hands It can help get rid of various germs. Including the corona virus as well, and if you feel unwell, you should seek medical attention. Including 14 days of self-quarantine if you have recently returned from a country with a high risk of infection.



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